We’re back! And with more posts!

J – Hey everyone – sorry we took a little impromptu break there. We got overwhelmed with work and cooking became a chore for a little while…lots of pastas and take-out around here for the past couple weeks. However, here we are, awaiting snow, and I’ve got beets boiling right now for a salad. Stay tuned – I’ll be updating the blog today with some of the noteworthy meals we’ve cooked this month, including easily the best steak I’ve ever made (and easily one of the best I’ve eaten, too).


Friends & Farms

Hello all – just thought we’d give a shout out to our Friends & Farms visitors. Almost all of the food here is made with F&F food that we get weekly – if you are in the Baltimore/D.C. area and you get your groceries any other way, you’re missing out!

https://www.friendsandfarms.com/ for the uninitiated.

New Orleans break

I – As I said previously, we went to a work conference in New Orleans. Of course, the food was fantastic… My favorites were the gumbo (which I tried pretty much everywhere) and the fried shrimp (so simple, yet sooooo tasty). I also enjoyed fried alligator, begniets and everything else I tried. I will say though, that I didn’t really get the appeal of the Po’Boy sandwiches. The bread was too dry, the sandwich was over stuffed to the point of an impossible bite and I ended up just eating the filing (which was pretty good on its own). I either didn’t go to the right place or it’s just not my thing.

Oh, one more lasting impression of NO – went to Bourbon street twice and I think it’s enough for a lifetime. If it was this crazy on a random weekend, I don’t even want to imagine what happens during Mardi Gras…

J – I do not share Ines’ distaste for Po’Boys, though I understand it – oh well, more food for me!

Hello world!

Hi, I’m Inês! I am originally from Portugal but I’ve been living in the US for over 8 years now… Jeff is an American, brought up in Texas, so we both love food and would like to learn more, try new and old recipes, and enjoy eating them along the way. So we decided to start a blog as a way to document our experiments in the kitchen.

I would like to make clear from the beginning that we are not professionals in any way so expect some failures and some bad photos, but we will try our best!