I grew up in Portugal, obliviously surrounded by delicious food. My mom was a pretty pragmatic cook and my sister always liked to try new recipes and “strange” stuff, leaving the cleaning up for me (according to her, “I cook, you clean” was a pretty fair deal). So, for years, I didn’t really feel the cooking bug. It was when I moved to the US that I realized all the delicious food I was used to was pretty hard to find over here. And even when I found the ingredients, I didn’t really have a good idea how to make them taste the way they did back home. Well, little by little, I’ve been learning. And along the way I’ve picked up a taste for American recipes too. Now I just enjoy spending time in the kitchen trying stuff I never thought I would learn how to make. Most of my inspiration comes from all the websites out there, the YouTube videos, and the places I visit. Every time I go back home, I come back with something new to try. I hope you enjoy learning about my experiments in the kitchen!

I grew up in Texas, which may explain why for most of my life I subsisted entirely on meat and potatoes. I always enjoyed cooking without ever being much good at it, and I managed to make my way through college on a mix of fast food, ramen noodles, and the occasional frozen pizza. When I got into graduate school in Baltimore I started to make more of my own food, out of boredom with Chinese food and pizza and an interest in the integrity of my wallet and desire to remain mostly non-spherical. However, I really started getting into cooking real and tasty food when I finally had someone to cook for. Much to my chagrin, Ines also introduced many new vegetables into my life (though she insists that potatoes do not count as a vegetable, I still fight this clearly crazy notion. Potatoes are the vegetable), though I must say I’ve adjusted considerably. I generally enjoy cooking any dish you can imagine. In addition, I have been brewing my own beer for about a year and a half now, and I’ll likely be periodically posting my recipes and methods for that as well. Most of my focus is on cooking quick, tasty, and generally healthy meals that can be prepared for relatively little money in an apartment kitchen – though if you’re fortunate and have a large kitchen, you’ll do just fine too – and packaged easily for daily meals. Read through our posts and enjoy!


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