Sides galore!!

This past week I realized we had a vast surplus of vegetables that had been accumulating for the past couple of weeks. So I’ve opted for cooking several side dishes and eat them in different assortments.

The first dish uses the giant rutabaga we received this week. We cut it up, boiled it until soft and then added it to some leftover baked butternut squash we had from last week. We added 2 cups of vegetable stock and pureed it until smooth. At the last minute, we added some leftover mashed potatoes and we now have mashed mixed vegetables.



We also received mustard greens this week, so we decided to cook them with bacon. We used this recipe, which adds to the mustardy sauce a nice vinegar flavor.



I also boiled some broccoli and topped them with a cheese sauce. The sauce was started with 2 tbsp butter, 2 tbsp flour seasoned with salt and 1/4 tsp mustard seeds, then I added 1 cup of milk and let it slowly incorporate. Finally, I added about 2 cups of cheese (about 50:50 of cheddar and parmesan) and mixed it all well. The sauce was poured over the broccoli.



Finally, green beans with canadian bacon. Start by boiling the green beans for 4 min. In a skillet, met 3 tbsp butter, and sauté canadian bacon (about 3 slices, chopped) for 2 or 4 min. Add in drained green beans and mix well. Let everything cook for another 2 minutes and it’s ready to serve.



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