Groceries Week 11!

This week is a good, good week.

Week 11J – We got the usuals – bread, milk, eggs – and also three heads of broccoli, a slew of green beans, spinach, spaghetti squash, egg noodles (yeeessssss), 4 delicious looking green apples, walnuts, Canadian bacon, chicken legs, and a delicious looping sirloin tip roast that will almost certainly turn into my favorite recipe – roast beef with wasabi cream sauce. Oh yeah. It’s gonna be a good week. Today, I used the spinach we got and the ham & turnips from last week to make Turnip & Ham au Gratin. Tomorrow, I’m going to start my next batch of beer – a Mayan Apocalypse Stout, so themed for the impending end of the Mayan calendar (save your posts, I know it’s cyclical – tongue and cheek!) – and maybe, just maybe, I’ll cook up some roast beef. Ines is sick right now, as I was all week, but when she’s better she’s going to post the amazing fish she prepared.


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