Recipes – week 7

I – Ok, time to confess one of my culinary crushes… His name is Chef John, and he has some of the best culinary videos out there. Seriously, check it out… I first found out about his blog, through his super famous recipe for No-Knead Ciabatta. One of these days I’ll post some of my experiments with this bread.

Anyway, I was pretty uninspired by the chicken breasts. So chef John came to my rescue. Chicken parmesan, without all the work… Except that I only realized right before cooking that the chicken breasts we got had bone and skin. It did take me a while to remove the bone but I left the skin on. I would actually recommend that because it made it juicy and, seriously, who doesn’t like chicken skin? (no worries, these are organic fed, free-range chickens).
I did have to leave my chicken in the oven for almost one hour, because these were huge breasts (ahem), so they took a while to cook. The side effect of that was that the bread was a bit past toasty in some areas. One other caveat with this recipe is that microwave warming really does not make it justice. It is much better to take the time and warm it up in the oven.

We also cooked the pork shank, Oktoberfest style, which was perfect with the Oktoberfest beer Jeff had brewed. And to make it a totally German dinner, we had that with braised cabbage (except that I used white cabbage and white wine instead). Sorry, no pictures of this one, but it was really tasty…


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