Week 4: Curry for a Cold, Meatloaf, and Baked Salmon

J – Hello! This week has been awful. Ines and I managed to catch some cold at the conference that we clearly have no immunity against, because we’ve been more or less bedridden for the past week straight. We’re slowly getting over it, but obviously there is less motivation to cook when you can’t taste anything. The answer to that problem is clear: curry. Ines made some delicious vegetable curry and baked salmon with potatoes and mushrooms that she will tell you all about later. Tonight, I’ll be making a ground beef meatloaf we have made before, to great success (which I bet you never thought you’d hear about meatloaf). Also, this weekend I’m going to bottle an Oktoberfest beer that I brewed a month ago and start brewing a Pumpkin Ale – very exciting stuff! It should be ready just in time to pair with a pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. I’ll upload pictures of the process and in a few weeks crack open a bottle or two to let you know how they turned out. Check back soon for updates, pictures, and recipes!


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