New Orleans break

I – As I said previously, we went to a work conference in New Orleans. Of course, the food was fantastic… My favorites were the gumbo (which I tried pretty much everywhere) and the fried shrimp (so simple, yet sooooo tasty). I also enjoyed fried alligator, begniets and everything else I tried. I will say though, that I didn’t really get the appeal of the Po’Boy sandwiches. The bread was too dry, the sandwich was over stuffed to the point of an impossible bite and I ended up just eating the filing (which was pretty good on its own). I either didn’t go to the right place or it’s just not my thing.

Oh, one more lasting impression of NO – went to Bourbon street twice and I think it’s enough for a lifetime. If it was this crazy on a random weekend, I don’t even want to imagine what happens during Mardi Gras…

J – I do not share Ines’ distaste for Po’Boys, though I understand it – oh well, more food for me!


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